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D’Sound – Smooth Escapes: The Very Best of D’Sound (2007)

01.: Ain’t giving up
02.: Smooth escape
03.: If you get scared
04.: Talkin’ talk
05.: Tattooed on my mind
06.: Do I need a reason
07.: Down on the street
08.: I just can’t wait
09.: All I wanna do
10.: Disco ironic (previously unreleased)
11.: Real name
12.: My greatest flaw
13.: Give myself away
14.: Good man, good girl
15.: Breathe in, breathe out
16.: Love is on my way
17.: Sing my name
18.: Enjoy
19.: Smoother escape (previously unreleased)
20.: Come back, my friend
21.: Slow dancing, french kissing

*OUÇA: Sing my name



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